Vaarotsavas In Tirumala


There are a couple of administrations rendered to Lord Sri Venkateswara as Vaarotsavas once in seven days without fizzle. Give us a chance to endeavor to think about a portion of the sevas led on various long periods of a week.

1.Monday – Visesha Puja (Special Worship)

2. Tuesday – Ashtadala Paada Padmaaradhana (Worship of the Lord’s feet with brilliant Loutes)

3. Wednesday – sahasra Kalashabishekam (Oblution with Thousand Vessels)

4. Thursday – Tiruppavada Seva [Netra Darshanam] (Sight of Lord’s Eyes) and Poolangi Seva (Garlanding Service)

5. Abhishekam (Ablutions) and Nija Paada Darshanam (Vision of the Holy Feet).

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