kalyanostavam Seva


kalyanostavam Seva In Tirumala

This is one of the unique sorts of day by day Sevas in Tirumala Tirupati, where couples are permitted to perform the marriage of Lord Venkateswara to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi.Kalyanostavam Tirumala, marks the hour-long divine wedding custom performed agreeing Vaikasa Agama Sastra for the Utsava Murthis of the Lord alongside His consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi in the Kalyana Mandapam.

Gathering Point

Devotees should gather at Supadham.

This custom is performed by according to our Sastras called Vaikhanasa Agama. As per this sastra, there are 7 phases for performing kalyanostavam.

  1. Agni Pratista.
  2. Vastra Samarpana.
  3. Maha Sankalpam.
  4. Kanyadhanam.
  5. Mangalya dharana.
  6. Varana Mahiram.
  7. Aarti.

History Of Kalyanostavam In Tirumala

The interesting behind the marriage of Lord Sri Venkatewara(also called Lord Srinivasa) with Goddess Padmavathi is described with pictures.The rishis headed by Kasyapa started to play out a forfeit on the banks of the Gangas.Sage Narada went by them and asked them for what reason they were playing out the forfeit and who might be satisfied by it.Not having the capacity to answer the question,the rishis moved toward Sage Bhrigu.To achieve an answer after an immediate ascertainment of the real world.

There are no inscriptions relating to Kalyanostavam till 1546.

Bhrigu first went to Satyaloka,the adobe of Lord Brahma.At Satyloka,he found Lord Bramhma,reciting the four Vedas in praise of Lord Narayana,with each of his four heads,and attend upon by Saraswati.Lord Brahma did not take notice of Bhrigu offering obeisance. Concluding that Lord Brahma was unfit for worship, Bhrigu left Satyaloka for Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva.

After the flight of the spiritualist, Vakuladevi touched base at the castle, and was taken by the maidservants to the Queen.She educated the Queen that she had gone ahead benefit Lord Srinivasa to ask for the hand of Padmavati in marriage.Having counseled Brihaspati and got notification from his Queen about the forecast of the crystal gazer and the landing of the errand person from Srinivasa, Akasa Raja chose to hand his little girl in marriage to Srinivasa.He requested that the royal residence purohits settle a muhurtam for the marriage.Akasa Raja educated his pastors and different authorities of his designs. Promptly, a letter was drafted asking for Srinivasa to come and marry the Princess.

Tirupati Kalyanam Timings

  • Kalyanostavam Seva will be performed from 10:30 – 01:30 PM.
  • Devotees should gather one hour before the Seva time at Supadham.
  • Kalyanotsavam Tirumala Starting Time 10:00 A.M.

Darshan Entrance After Kalyanotsavam in Tirumala

  • Kalyanostavam Seva ticket holders Queue line will be merged with other Paid Services Queue Line.

Kalyanotsavam Seva Ticket Online Booking Process

  • Kalyanostavam Tickets can be obtained either online.
  • And also go through current booking process at CRO Office Tirumala or by submitting recommendation letter at J.E.O Camp Office Tirumala.

Dress Code for Kalyanotsavam

  • A Male devotee can wear dhoti or lungi with uttareeyam or kurta-pyjama.

  • A Woman devotee can wear saree or a chudidar with chunni.

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