Ugadi Asthanam at Tirumala


On the Telugu Ugadi festival, there will be Ugadi Asthanam At Tirumala Temple (court) for Lord Sri Venkateshwara who is the most worshiped Family God of Telugus (ilavelpu). That day after the first bell, Sri Malayappa Swamy comes to the Golden Entrance alongwith His consorts in the Sarva Bhupala Vahanam. His Commander Vishwaksena is placed on another pedestal facing south.

There will be Panchanga Shravanam after presenting to the Lord special silk clothes, food and akshataropana (auspicious turmeric rice). All the details of Panchanga (Hindu Calendar) like tithi, vara and nakshatra besides the results for the year and other affairs related to the country and times are reported to Lord Srinivasa.There will be distribution of tirtha and prasada after offering neerajanam (lighted camphor) to the Lord.


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