TTD General Guidelines To The Donors


Donors can take Demand Draft/International Money Order in the name of Executive Officer, Name of the Trusts/Scheme Tirumala TirupatiDevasthanams, Tirupati and send it to the respective officer incharge of the Donation Scheme, Tirumala TirupatiDevasthanams, Tirupati-517501 Chittoor Dist., Andhra Pradesh.

In case Demand Draft is taken in the name of Executive Officer, T.T.D., Tirupati, please specify the name of donation scheme in the covering letter in order to credit the amount into that Trust.

Please furnish your complete address with telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and mobile number for correspondence.

After receiving donation an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the donor immediately.

A passbook will be sent to the Donors, which has to be shown at every time of their visit. Hence, you are requested to send two passport size photos to enable us to send a passbook.

This passbook has to be shown at every visit to avail the facilities listed in the donor scheme.

The Donor can contact the Dy. Executive Officer, Donors Cell, Adiseshu Rest House, Ground floor, TTD, Tirumala for assistance.

Donors can hand over Demand Drafts to Donors Cell, TTD, Tirumala or Donors Cell, TTD Admn., Building, Tirupati drawn on any nationalized bank and obtain a receipt from there.

Facilities to the Donor will come into effect after issue of Donor’s passbook only. However, in case any donor wants to make a donation of Rs. 5 Lakhs and above and requests for accommodation and darshan on that day itself he may seek the assistance of Dy.Executive Officer, Donors Cell, TTD, Tirumala/Deputy Executive Officer Reception-1/Deputy Executive Officer (Reception-II) or Officer on Special Duty, TTD, Tirumala.

Donations are also accepted in kind worth more than Rs.5 Lakhs are also entitled to the benefits, which are extended to the Donors in other donation schemes. Such donors are requested to send a written intimation to the Executive Officer, TTD, Tirupati in advance and obtain a receipt from the officer whenever such donations are made.

In case of any difficulty, the Donors are requested to seek the assistance of the Office Incharge of the Donation Scheme.

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