The Greatness Of Tirumala


Devotees go on pilgrimage to different holy places and have darshan of various deities. After one or two trips to the same place there is a sense of satisfaction. But the darshan of Sri Balaji is different. The more the number of visits to Him the more one wants to see Him. The momentary satisfaction derived from the fleeting glimpse of the Lord intensifies the longing to see Him again and again.

Words are a poor medium to express the feelings evoked by the Darshan of the Lord’s icon in its most onginal form on a Friday morning without the Alankaram. The grace, the beauty and the majesty of the Deity are palpably felt. One may drink in the form of the Lord with a thousand eyes, yet remain unsatiated. If the devotee looks upon the Lord with the ideas of Saguna (form, qualities and attributes) He appears so. For one with an advaitic outlook the experience is transcendent.

Among the devotees the Lord brings relief to the afflicted, divine wisdom to the seeker, prosperity to the materialist and peace to the Jnaani. All these benefits flow spontaneously and automatically out of the boundless grace of the Lord.

The eternal charm of Balaji is exemplified in a Slokam in the Suprabhatam: “Tvadgopuraagrasikharaani…..”.

The Slokam says that even people aspiring for Swargam or for Moksham give up their goals and wish to be reborn in the mortal world to serve Sri Venkateswara when they look peaks of the towers of the Tirumala Temple.

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