Sahasra Namaarchana In Tirumala


After Tomala Seva, Sahasra Namaarchana is done to the principle divinity each morning. Discussing the thousand celestial names of the Lord, the heavenly feet of the Lord are revered with the basil leaves offered by the Jiyyangars. Later the basil at the feet is taken out to revere Sri Maha Lakshmi recounting her 24 divine names. It happens for about thirty minutes. The fans can take an interest in this on installment of required expenses.

Notwithstanding the over, the Lord is worshiped twice discussing his 108 celestial names (Ashtottara Shara Namaarchana) after the second and third ringers. They are done in isolation. The paid enthusiasts, be that as it may, can take an interest in the Ashta Dala Pada Padmaraadhana as a major aspect of the second archana on Tuesdays on installment of required expenses.

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