Pranaya Kalahotsavam at Tirumala


There will be Pranaya Kalahotsavam (Lover’s Quarrel Ceremony) consistently for the Lord on the 6th day after Vaikuntha Ekadashi.

That day after the typical second ringer naivedyam Sri Malayappa Swami goes to the Pushkarini (Sacred Pond) in a palanquin in Maha Pradakshina Marga (huge circumambulation way), while His consorts on independent palanquins come there in a contrary heading vis-à-vis with the Lord.

As the Puranas are recounted, Jiyyengar beats the Lord with bloom balls for the Goddesses. The Lord professes to be perplexed and begs His consorts that He didn’t confer any misstep. Placated Goddesses go along with Him on either side and get Karupur Harathi alongwith the Lord. Asthanam is held after they achieve the sanctuary.


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