Krithika Abhishekam in Tirumala


Subramanya Swamy Krithika Abhishekam Dates. Devotees can participate in this Seva by purchasing tickets at the counter. Abhishekam will be performed to the deities Subramanya Swamy and His Consorts Srivalli and Devasena at Kapileswara Swamy Temple, Tirupati. Performing Abhishekam on Krithika Star will reduce the malefic effects of Kuja Dosha. Krithika star is the birth of Subramanya Swamy so worshipping deity will be good.

Krithika is the birth star of Lord Subrahmanya Swamy.  On this day 27 Kalasha are place on Nakshatra (Star) filled with 27 varieties of fruit juices, pooja will be performed. Abhishekam will be performed to the deities Subrahmanya Swamy and his consorts Sri valli and Devasena with 27 Kalash juices.

The pandit performed mahasankalpam, Ganapathi punyahavachanam, mantra pushpam and maha mangala harathi as per pancharatragama sastram.


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