Koil Alwar Thirumanjanam in Tirumala


Koil implies sanctuary. Alwar is a lover who recognized himself with God. Similarly as God keeps His aficionado immovably in his heart, God is sanctified in the sanctuary. That is the reason, sanctuary is called Koil Alwar. Tirumajjana has moved toward becoming Tirumanjana. Tiru implies Sri and majjana implies shower or a favorable shower. That is purifying and blessing the sanctuary.

There will be Tirumanjana for Tirumala sanctuary four times each year. The whole sanctuary is totally cleaned on Tuesdays before Ugadi, Anivara Asthana, Brahmotsavas, and Vaikuntha Ekadashi in Koil Alwar Tirumanjana. This is performed like a major yagnya.

All the utsava icons and brilliant and silver vessels of the sanctum sanctorum are brought out to the Golden Entrance. Every one of the rooftops and dividers inside are washed and cleaned. The sanctuaries around are additionally cleaned in this manner. Afterward, the dividers of the sanctuary are smeared with Parimalam, a blend of namam kopu, sri churnam, strong camphor, shoe powder, kumkuma, khichili gadda. This fragrant blend is spread everywhere. Paid fans can likewise take an interest in this. The individuals who take an interest in the seva get the helpful temperance of having scrubbed the sanctuary.


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