Ekantha Seva at Tirumala


Ekantha Seva (Leaving in Solitude) is also called Panpu Seva (Going to Bed) or Pavvalimpu Seva (Putting to Sleep). This last seva is quite important in the daily programmes of Tirumala Lord’s temple. Sarva Darshanam (free entrance for all) is stopped at the time of Ekantha Seva. In this seva Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy is placed in the golden swing cot hung in the Shayana Mantapam (Bed Room) by silver chains.

One of the descendents of Tallapaka family will be ready in the Ramulavari path to sing a lullaby for the lord. There will be camphor plate (haarathi) sent on behalf of Tarigonda Vengamamba. As the paid devotees sit and watch in rows, Annamayya descendents sing the lullaby, “Jo Achyuthananda Jo Jo Mukunda…” and the pearl haarathi of Tarigonda Vengamamba is offered to the Lord. Lukewarm milk and the panchamritha prasadam prepared with several fruits called “Meva” is distributed to the paid visitors. At the end of this, doors of the Golden Entrance are closed.


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