Koluvu (Court)


After the morning Thomala Seva or Abhishekam (on Fridays), the accounts of the previous day is closed and submitted to the lord. This ritual is called Koluvu and is also called Durbar. Koluvu Srinivasa is brought to the Tirumamani mantapam (inside the sanctum sanctorum) and seated on a silver-plated chair with a canopy of gilt umbrella presented by the Maharajah of Mysore. This ritual is conducted in Ekantam, and only the priests and TTD officials are present. The following rituals are held:

  • Mixture of fried gingelly seeds and jaggery is offered to the Lord.
  • Texts from the Vedas, Vishnu Suktam and Tamil Divya Prabandhams are read.
  • Then the Lord is requested to listen to the Panchangam (almanac) when the priest says, “PanchAngam AgamyatAm”. Panchangam (day’s calendar) is read to the Lord with the activities that will be undertaken for the day as well as activities of the next day. Details of festivals and observances in the Tirumala temple and those at the temples of Govindaraja Swami and Kodandarama Swami at Tirupati, Padmavathi Devi at Tiruchanur, Sri Kalahastiswara at Sri Kalahasti and several other nearby temples are read out.
  • A TTD official then reads out the previous day’s hundi collection details with the date, morning collection, afternoon collection and the loose change that was collected. These details do not include donations, Arjitham and other sources of income. At the end, it is declared that the total amount has been credited to Srivari’s Bhandaram.
  • Matradana: The archakas (priests) who recited the slokas and Prabandhams are awarded rice, ginger and rations.

Every day in the Koluvu, Srinivasa gives rice along with betel leaves and honorarium (dakshina) in charity (Tandula Daanam) to the priests. The priests bless Lord Srinivasa to be wealthy every day(Nityaishvaryo bhava). This takes place in complete solitude.



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