Venkatadri – Hill of Lord Venkateswara


Lord sinivasa resides on this Hill. The hill Venkatadri got its name form ‘Ven’ which in Sanskrit means ‘sin’. And ‘Kata’ which means that which burns. So Venkatadri means a place which will burn all sins. Madhava, a sinner suffering from leprosy was cured as he joined pilgrims going to Tirumala on a pilgrimage. The pilgrims were singing ‘Govinda Govinda!’ as they moved on their way. These words were like magic to Madhava’s soul. He felt a burning sensation and he realised that the dreaded disease had left him.

The Venkachala Purana said-

Venkaaromritha beejasthu katamaishwarya muchyathe
Amrithaishwarya sanghatvat Venkatadririthi smrithaha”.

According to another interpretation, ‘Vem’ means immortality; and ‘kataha’ means riches;
Thus the hill is said to impart mundane weal as well as the other worldly redemption.
Hence, it is called Venkatadri or Venkatachala.


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